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Product Lifecycle Management System hits Speed Bump

The PLMS (Product Lifecycle Management System) that AF has fielded on GCSS-AF to capture and manage engineering data on all its weapon systems seems to have hit a bump. After successfully fielding the system as 1.0, 2.0 and now ready to release 3.0, it looks like the Nuclear Weapons Center would like to see more […]

No Tax Break for CSRS Employees

Looks like the President and his Republican meeting mates hammered out a compromise to “release the Bush Tax Cuts” that were “holding the middle class hostage”. The compromise plan for extension of the “keep our own money” Bush Tax Breaks included a provision for reducing taxes paid by individuals to SSA, giving us a little […]

ECSS Takes a Dive

Friday’s decision by the SecAF and CSAF to support the AF-A4/7 recommendation to cancel ECSS was a long time coming. The eLog21 flagship initiative to install an AF-wide Logistics ERP to support all aspects of sustainment has, from its inception, been a bridge too far. The sheer number of systems that ECSS was to replace, […]

AF Leadership Trimmed by DOD Cuts

Word on the street is the DOD manadates for savings by reducing General Officer and Senior Executive positions is going into full swing at the Department of the Air Force. Which positions will be cut seems to be following a “last in, first out” logic. An informed source tells me the general approach is to […]

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