AF Leaders Testify to SASC that ECSS will do Cost Estimate

Having not yet gotten to the required program briefing when you miss Milestone B and have been trying for over 5 years, the AF included their ECSS plans in the materials on the budget provided to the SASC. Here is a quote on ECSS that tells a lot in a few words:

“The Air Force is successfully fielding a pilot of the first increment of the Expeditionary Combat Support System (ECSS). We will conduct an independent cost estimate as part of, and in conjunction with, the ongoing Critical Change Review to assess the cost effectiveness of proceeding with additional ECSS releases that support retail and wholesale supply and depot maintenance activities. The Air Force will continue to maintain legacy logistics support systems while determining the best course of action for developing information technology tools to enhance the visibility and management of supplies and equipment.”
This sounds a lot like previous internal planning that lead to an approach to field what they have and go forward with “small improvements to fill gaps in current legacy systems”.  The new wrinkle is the cost estimate – they plan to look at the cost of proceeding to field the additional pilots!
I also note that it takes “additional releases” to actually get to supporting depot maintenance. So far the pilots support equipment items only! Not much in the big scheme of things.  Good luck AF! How about we get on to fielding some gap fillers and doing defered maintenance on legacy systems so folks have half a chance to get their jobs done – just saying…..
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