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BPM a Better Ending for ECSS? I Think SO!

As the AF lays out a plan for the next effort to field an ERP perhaps they need to consider alternatives to the ERP Atomic Weapons that resulted in their first effort impacting the ground. I have presented alternatives in various forum over the last year. You can see the BPM approach at : Appian […]

Abolish GSA – Then How Would AF Work Around IDIQ’s or Pressure Rates?

A day after a congressman proposed abolishing the General Services Administration, a senior defense acquisition official said the largest government department values GSA’s support. Shay Assad, director of defense pricing at the Defense Department, said DOD values its partnership with its “brothers and sisters at GSA.” What’s more, he said their partnership needs to be […]

DOD Deputy Chief Management Officer Will Take On ERPs – At least standard process

Beth McGrath, the DOD’s Deputy Chief Management Officer, has figured out that ERPs failures are pointing to the need for common business processes but has not yet learned that the ERPs are not the cost effective way to get that result. Quoted from an interview with FederalNews Radio, McGrath says: “”We want to ensure as […]

Update – AF iPad Buy Back On

As I reported in an earlier blog, the AF was planning to use iPads for crew support to eliminate the flight case full of manuals, charts, and paperwork in favor of a digital flight case. But only AMC had deployed the iPads. AFSOC efforts to procure these devices met with acquisition reluctance and was eventually […]

AF ERP cost $1B and does very little – like other ERP’s Plus GSA Cans Oracle

The AF has finally “come out” about its ECSS ERP to the congress. As reported by Federal News Radio today, AF Comptroller, Dr. Jamie Morin, let Congress in on the dirty little secret, ERP isn’t working! The article relates many examples from Logistics to Personnel where ERP programs have busted budgets and produced little. Check […]

AFIT Names Civilian Chancellor

The Air Force Institute of Technology, part of the Air University system in Dayton Ohio named its first civilian Chancellor – Major General Todd Stewart (ret) will take the post this May. Dr. Todd Stewart will hold the post as a member of the Senior Executive Service. Details were published in an article in the […]

Update – Two Confirmations for AFMC

Two confirmations key to the AFMC Reorganization came out of the Senate this week: AFMC Commander – Lt General Wolfenbarger promoted to General and assigned Commander, AFMC at WP-AFB Ohio. Prior Blog Post AFLCMC Commander – Lt General Moore reappointed and assigned Commander, AFLCMC at WP-AFB Ohio. Prior Blog Post

AF Tries BRAC Work-Around

So you thought the Pentagon request for two BRACs in 2013 and 2015 were not going to make it in Congress. Well does that really stop the AF from making massive changes that impact local congressional districts, bases, and economies? Not according to the latest report from Government Executive: Lawmakers from Alaska claim a Defense […]

CDO Technology in Exceptional Release

CDO Technologies has hit the press in the Spring 2012 issue of Exceptional Release (ER). ER is the national publication of the Logistics Officers’ Association published quarterly to provide the Air Force professionals with insight into developments in logistics. CDO’s work on Enterprise Data Collection Layer technology (from bar codes and UID tags getting data […]

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