Abolish GSA – Then How Would AF Work Around IDIQ’s or Pressure Rates?

A day after a congressman proposed abolishing the General Services Administration, a senior defense acquisition official said the largest government department values GSA’s support.

Shay Assad, director of defense pricing at the Defense Department, said DOD values its partnership with its “brothers and sisters at GSA.” What’s more, he said their partnership needs to be expanded and made more effective. DOD has looked to GSA for contracting help and will continue to do so, he said.

Assad spoke April 27 at the Coalition for Government Procurement’s annual Spring Conference. The day before, Rep. Jeff Denham (R-Calif.) said GSA needs to prove its worth to stay open. What he is not saying is that GSA schedules and Government Wide Acquisition Contracts are used by DOD to work around internal mandatory contracts that don’t have the desired contractors available to meet a particular need. With various IDIQ vehicles in place for engineering services, applications & IT support, and advisory services, you would think GSA would be redundant. But with so much pressure to meet social engineering objectives with small business set aside quotas, the military departments are finding more use in GSA GWAC vehicles that contain minority, veteran, and woman owned businesses. These popular vehicles have hundreds of awards and offer broad participation by small businesses. Many GSA Schedule contracts are used to validate and incorporate rates in DOD contracts as well.

As an interesting hyperbole, the DOD often asks its bidders to discount their GSA rates, even though to win these awards those same contractors have assured GSA the rates quoted are their “best price” offered to any customer. So perhaps GSA serves a purpose – Shay Assad seems to think so as the pricing guru for DOD. That speaks volumes that a pricing guy stands in their defense (pun intended). Just saying…

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