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Maj Gen Olson Interview No Surprise on ERP Merger – But Will It Work?

In what may be his last interview as the PEO for AF ERP work before moving on to PEO C2ISR, Maj Gen Craig Olson outlined the plan to integrate the acquisitions to gain efficiency and improve results. Not a difficult task given the total lack of results so far. The interview link below provides the […]

Cloud & COTS Subscription Concepts Need Color of Money Transformation

The first step in adopting Cloud based solutions to Government IT infrastructure and desktop services appears to require a transformation in financial thinking. By using Cloud services like Google Docs or Cloud based process services like Appian Cloud, the government can reduce expenses by up to 80% over internal hosting and applications. So what is […]

VA – No PC’s in 5 Years, Drops Microsoft Enterprise Agreement

According to Nextgov. employees at the Veterans Affairs Department may use their own computers to connect to department networks within five or six years. Nextgov Article Veterans Affairs Department Chief Information Officer Roger Baker predicts the department has awarded its last desktop PC contract, a $476.6 million deal with Dell in April 2011 for 600,000 […]

New Book Applies TOC to Supply Chain to get LEAN Results

This new book spins the tools of Theory of Constraints into a new mix of approaches for a LEAN Supply Chain. I have worked for many years to apply TOC to the attack on waste under LEAN thinking. This book gives you the approach, explains the tools, and provides tutorial examples for each major element. […]

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