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Winning Is Everything – But Was Your Win Proposal All That It Should Be?

Before you celebrate your big win on your last competitive bid, ask yourself “Did I win because my proposal was the best? Or was it because it was the least bad?”. In today’s competative environment, a bad proposal process can produce a product that could lead to buying into a program and regretting that win. […]

LPTA Presenting Risks to Government Performance & Results – Are There Other Options to Reduce Cost at Lower Risk?

Because they appear to be cheaper, low price, technically acceptable procurements are on the rise, but I have been making an argument that these kinds of contracts pose a danger to the government over the long haul. I have also contended that results matter and cost matters but price is not a reflection of results. […]

Update – AF Times Story on ECSS Cancellation

Looks like the AF Times got the scoop again (NOT!) that ECSS was canceled. Think they got the clue from the final cancellation of the CSC contract and their move to let go the last of the personnel (115 this round) that were supporting the prototypes. Over the last few months AF supply managers have […]

Is AF Understanding BPM – ERP Update

Updates to: PEO Strategy , BPM for ERP and ECSS Cost Estimate After fielding ERP pilots under ECSS that had huge manuals to explain process, it appears the passion for ERP technology is ending. AF leadership has again ended the effort for ERP deployment, opting instead for the strategy they offered last time the program […]

Will New Motherboards Make OS Interchangable?

A new technology for initiating a PC, Server, Tablet or other network appliance is entering the game. With something called “Unified Extensible Firmware Interface” (UEFI) a computer or network device can “boot up” in a very sophisticated way without the security problems of a BIOS. In fact this technology can be installed in non-volatile memory […]

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