Update – AF Times Story on ECSS Cancellation

Looks like the AF Times got the scoop again (NOT!) that ECSS was canceled. Think they got the clue from the final cancellation of the CSC contract and their move to let go the last of the personnel (115 this round) that were supporting the prototypes. Over the last few months AF supply managers have been undoing the transactions from the ECSS Vehicle prototype and restoring that data to OLVMS et. al. so that the legacy ERP for vehicles has all the data that was spooling in that failed prototype. There are a few new expressions on the way forward (patching up legacy and going for some remediation of old technology) in the AF Times piece at Air Force Cancels Failed $1B Logistics System. Check it out as it is the first known use of the “failed” term in a headline on ECSS. Looks like this would not have gotten press as cancellation if AF did not have a reprogramming plan working to restore legacy system maintenance funding. Keep an eye out for solicitations to work on legacy backlog folks, its huge! Just saying…

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