ECSS Makes NBC Nightly News!

I wish I could feel good about this report from NBC News. However I am embarrassed for my Air Force. With resources so tight I find this very hard to watch. But since 2002 in both IT and Logistics positions of significance, I have preached that ECSS was after too much in one bite. This video even uses the re-base-lined number of 240 systems to be subsumed by the program. I recall when the briefings stated over 400….

Here is the video that made prime time news after the Senate Armed Services Majority and Minority leaders started asking the AF to explain the ECSS failures and their plans to go forward. Take a look – but if you bleed AF blue, it is going to hurt.

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Perhaps going forward the AF will consider seriously some of the overlooked approaches that have been offered by this writer in the past during my AF employment. Why not, they were free!

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