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CIA – Amazon Cloud Deal Prompts Questions Not Answers

So the CIA is back in the news, at least Federal Computer Week. But it is interesting to me because the portion of the CIA that has cut this deal is one I am familiar with from my days as AFMC CTO and CIO. Back in 1999, the CIA created its own venture capital group, […]

Have You Hugged Your DCAA Auditor Today?

It seems that the defense agency charged with contract oversight is not feelin’ the love recently. A new Inspector General review looked at 50 cases from 2010 and found 37 had discrepancies. They even found basis to recommend that some DCAA reports be rescinded or be supplemented to correct factual errors and errors of omission. […]

Where Is The Budget? And Where is the Growth Economy to Fund It?

So things are heating up since sequestration cuts were deployed. Now the focus is on developing a budget for 2013 that will make more sense. We all should know from High School Civics that the new budget was due in September 2012. Bad timing as an election was in progress. So its late… No surprise, […]

BRAC Results for 2005 Reflect Wishfull Thinking

So the savings from BRAC 2005 are not what Estimates indicated due to flawed estimating. Surprise! Having participated in every BRAC planning process since 1988, I am not! The basis for estimates used are never quite what one would expect in business – and that is an effort by the DOD to be “fair”. Perhaps […]

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