NETCENTS 2 Product Winners Announced – Will This Be IT?

AFG-111101-005 Believe the second time is the charm? The NetCents 2 program is thinking that way. Hoping that the second time around will be the charm, the Air Force late Friday announced the winners of the $6.9 billion Network Centric Solutions (NETCENTS-2) Netcentric Products contract vehicle.

The winners of round two are:
• Ace Technology Partners LLC., Arlington Heights, Ill.
• CDW Government LLC., Vernon Hills, Ill.
• CounterTrade Products Inc., Arvada, Colo.
• FedStore Corp., Rockville, Md.
• General Dynamics IT, Needham, Mass.
• Intelligent Decisions Inc., Ashburn, Va.
• Iron Bow Technologies LLC., Chantilly, Va.
• World Wide Technology Inc., Maryland Heights, Mo.

Once again I am struck by the absence of any direct vendors. I am encouraged to see CDW made the list as I purchased millions in hardware from them as CIO at Hq AFMC thru AFWAY when they were consistently a quality “low bidder”. So, I suspect that some large vendors can actually offer more than the OEM’s.

After the debacle of last year’s awards, protests and withdrawal, you would hope the Air Force has made a pretty bullet proof decision this time around. But one executive from a losing team predicted more protests will be filed, even though he said it was too soon for his company to decide.

Undoubtedly there are some very unhappy companies out there. Consider that of the original nine winners, only four won in the second round: Ace, Fedstore, GDIT, and Iron Bow. Losing out this time around are Blue Tech Inc., Global Technology Resources Inc., GTSI, M2 Technology and Red River Computer Co.

With the deadline for filing protests coming up in just days, we will see if in fact the second time is the charm. (I always knew it as “the third time is the charm”) Good luck to the hard working NetCents 2 team, hope you bend the old saw and get through this award without any “wall paper” from those not on the list… Just saying…

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