Protests Keep Rolling In – Will NETCENTS 2 Product Contract Survive?

AFG-120313-036 Well, as I predicted, the total now stands at 10. That is the number of protests received by the Metcents 2 program office for their just-awarded products contract. Five days have lapsed since award and the protest period went into full swing earlier this week as they received the first protests. As of today it stands at 10. But surely more are on the way as my feel says at least 12 companies feel “left out” of the second attempt to award this giant procurement vehicle. With the spectrum of products and the relatively confined field (only one truly national reseller made the list this time) all the big guys are on the war path. The congressional direction was clear – make more awards – and was clearly intended to point out that without the big 5 product resellers, there would be protests! So I ask you, why is this aspect of NETCENTS 2 not following the Large Business/Small Business bifurcation used on other aspects of the contract set. The answer to avoiding protests seems simple and viable. Award all the small resellers a contract and another award set for the large resellers. Then stage the buys as is done on Application Services or Network Services according to the tried and true model of set-aside thinking that is working for DESP III, and the current awards for services? Just saying….

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