“Aquisition Incident Review Team” for ECSS Failue Issues Executive Summary

The team assembled to review the cancellation of ECSS has finally made public its executive summary. When reviewed by the SASC the program was described as “one of the most egregious examples of mismanagement in recent history”. But the answers to the SASC Chair and Senior Minority member have yet to be made public. Little light is shed on what the plan is in the AF going forward. But the report – in a blinding flash of insight – states in its final paragraph:

“The Acquisition Incident Review Team doesn’t want to leave the reader with a completely bleak outlook. Much of the work that was done on the Expeditionary Combat Support System effort can be reused. The progress made on legacy deconstruction and the spin ups to blueprinting can be the basis for the data work ahead. While reluctant to put a percentage on potential reuse, the Acquisition Incident Review Team suspects reusable data will be more than people think. Expeditionary Combat Support System wasn’t the failure people think it was; it was the first step to truly understanding the enormous task the Air Force has ahead of itself.”

Truly amazing work team!! To read the entire executive summary click ecss_publicly_releasable

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