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Defense Systems Says Innovation Key to Defense Cuts

In an article Dec. 5th, titled “How defense cost-cutting can spur innovation” authors (Randy Garber, Sohin Chinoy, and Andrea Cruden) lay out an interesting scenario! What if Defense reductions formed the motive for an innovation based response? The model focuses on provider based innovation to stimulate cost reductions rather that cost cutting contracting policies like […]

Cyber Goes On Offense – Are Network Drone Strikes Coming?

After months of anticipation by the cyber protection community and three years of grueling internal debate at the highest levels of the DOD, it appears that the Joint Chiefs is poised to approve new rules empowering commanders to counter direct cyber attacks with offensive efforts of their own — without White House approval. Does this […]

“35 Agencies Not Following New Rules” Says Rep. Sam Graves

Rep. Sam Graves, R-Mo., House Small Business Committee Chairman, stepped up pressure on agencies Tuesday. He attacked delays in efforts to comply with new rules requiring them to elevate their Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization offices as a means for giving more businesses a leg up in competing for contracts. In letters to the Defense […]

CIA – Amazon Cloud Deal Prompts Questions Not Answers

So the CIA is back in the news, at least Federal Computer Week. But it is interesting to me because the portion of the CIA that has cut this deal is one I am familiar with from my days as AFMC CTO and CIO. Back in 1999, the CIA created its own venture capital group, […]

Have You Hugged Your DCAA Auditor Today?

It seems that the defense agency charged with contract oversight is not feelin’ the love recently. A new Inspector General review looked at 50 cases from 2010 and found 37 had discrepancies. They even found basis to recommend that some DCAA reports be rescinded or be supplemented to correct factual errors and errors of omission. […]

BRAC Results for 2005 Reflect Wishfull Thinking

So the savings from BRAC 2005 are not what Estimates indicated due to flawed estimating. Surprise! Having participated in every BRAC planning process since 1988, I am not! The basis for estimates used are never quite what one would expect in business – and that is an effort by the DOD to be “fair”. Perhaps […]

AF ERP – Failure Brings Out Stovepipe Liability & Blame Setting Starts

So the AF Enterprise has given up the ghost of an ERP solution in favor of improving its legacy platforms to pass CFO audits and create a viable financial statement. Thus the stovepipe mentality wins again. Each functional area is working hard to make up for years of keeping their data systems on life support […]

DCGS Comes Under Fire

No shots have been fired at DCGS using real munitions, but the Test and Evaluation community is never the less putting DCGS under its cross hairs as I write this post. With the current anti-terror operations so dependent upon special operations magic, pin point drone strikes, and ISR-fueled battle space awareness, the idea that inter-service […]

LPTA Could Be The Undoing Of Defense

The procurement trend to Low Price Technically Acceptable procurement is bearing fruit – just not the fruit the DOD expected when it focused procurement strategy for services in that direction about a year ago. The trend to award tasks to contractors with a laser sharp focus on low price is resulting in services that are […]

Moving The FY13 Fiscal Clif Using CRA??

In my earlier post “Stop Gap Legislation Creates Uncertainty for Defense” I warned that the Senate would make it 0 and 4 on passing a budget by passing a very long CRA that would go past Inauguration Day. Now it seems there is a move afoot to add an amendment to the CRA that would […]

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