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DHS Acquisition of IT More Than Agile

In an FCW interview on May 28, Rafael Borras, DHS under secretary for management, tied the environment for IT acquisition at his department to a watershed moment ‘several years ago when one of DHS’ component agencies was procuring a massive border security project. The interview relates a DHS contract with Boeing that reminds me of […]

“35 Agencies Not Following New Rules” Says Rep. Sam Graves

Rep. Sam Graves, R-Mo., House Small Business Committee Chairman, stepped up pressure on agencies Tuesday. He attacked delays in efforts to comply with new rules requiring them to elevate their Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization offices as a means for giving more businesses a leg up in competing for contracts. In letters to the Defense […]

8(a) Firms In Decline Per SBA Data

Currently the number of 8a certification program participants is in decline while the federal procurement dollars spent with 8a certified firm’s remains in the $30-35 billion dollar annually range. Here are some basic stats: Year / Number of 8a firms (approximately) 2007 / 9,500 2009 / 8,800 2013 (4-15-2013) / 8,000 This data represents a […]

CIA – Amazon Cloud Deal Prompts Questions Not Answers

So the CIA is back in the news, at least Federal Computer Week. But it is interesting to me because the portion of the CIA that has cut this deal is one I am familiar with from my days as AFMC CTO and CIO. Back in 1999, the CIA created its own venture capital group, […]

Where Is The Budget? And Where is the Growth Economy to Fund It?

So things are heating up since sequestration cuts were deployed. Now the focus is on developing a budget for 2013 that will make more sense. We all should know from High School Civics that the new budget was due in September 2012. Bad timing as an election was in progress. So its late… No surprise, […]

BRAC Results for 2005 Reflect Wishfull Thinking

So the savings from BRAC 2005 are not what Estimates indicated due to flawed estimating. Surprise! Having participated in every BRAC planning process since 1988, I am not! The basis for estimates used are never quite what one would expect in business – and that is an effort by the DOD to be “fair”. Perhaps […]

Moving The FY13 Fiscal Clif Using CRA??

In my earlier post “Stop Gap Legislation Creates Uncertainty for Defense” I warned that the Senate would make it 0 and 4 on passing a budget by passing a very long CRA that would go past Inauguration Day. Now it seems there is a move afoot to add an amendment to the CRA that would […]

Cloud & COTS Subscription Concepts Need Color of Money Transformation

The first step in adopting Cloud based solutions to Government IT infrastructure and desktop services appears to require a transformation in financial thinking. By using Cloud services like Google Docs or Cloud based process services like Appian Cloud, the government can reduce expenses by up to 80% over internal hosting and applications. So what is […]

VA – No PC’s in 5 Years, Drops Microsoft Enterprise Agreement

According to Nextgov. employees at the Veterans Affairs Department may use their own computers to connect to department networks within five or six years. Nextgov Article Veterans Affairs Department Chief Information Officer Roger Baker predicts the department has awarded its last desktop PC contract, a $476.6 million deal with Dell in April 2011 for 600,000 […]

Will Extra $10M to GSA IG Save Anything?

Congress will add $10M to the GSA IG funding, specifically targeting investigations of travel, bonus, and conference spending. Wouldn’t the existing $58M IG budget already turning up some abuse given the GSA history over the last few years. The press seems a far more effective agent in this war on waste. I want to know […]

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