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Cyber Goes On Offense – Are Network Drone Strikes Coming?

After months of anticipation by the cyber protection community and three years of grueling internal debate at the highest levels of the DOD, it appears that the Joint Chiefs is poised to approve new rules empowering commanders to counter direct cyber attacks with offensive efforts of their own — without White House approval. Does this […]

Protests Keep Rolling In – Will NETCENTS 2 Product Contract Survive?

Well, as I predicted, the total now stands at 10. That is the number of protests received by the Metcents 2 program office for their just-awarded products contract. Five days have lapsed since award and the protest period went into full swing earlier this week as they received the first protests. As of today it […]

Have You Hugged Your DCAA Auditor Today?

It seems that the defense agency charged with contract oversight is not feelin’ the love recently. A new Inspector General review looked at 50 cases from 2010 and found 37 had discrepancies. They even found basis to recommend that some DCAA reports be rescinded or be supplemented to correct factual errors and errors of omission. […]

Where Is The Budget? And Where is the Growth Economy to Fund It?

So things are heating up since sequestration cuts were deployed. Now the focus is on developing a budget for 2013 that will make more sense. We all should know from High School Civics that the new budget was due in September 2012. Bad timing as an election was in progress. So its late… No surprise, […]

BRAC Results for 2005 Reflect Wishfull Thinking

So the savings from BRAC 2005 are not what Estimates indicated due to flawed estimating. Surprise! Having participated in every BRAC planning process since 1988, I am not! The basis for estimates used are never quite what one would expect in business – and that is an effort by the DOD to be “fair”. Perhaps […]

Changing The Evaluation Process for LPTA Procurements

My posts on LPTA and the negative impacts that have begun to appear on mission success have caused me to think thru the most improvements that might be made to avoid such impacts. The key seems to be the ability to get services at a lower price without getting lower quality, delivery, or content innovation. […]

AF ERP – Failure Brings Out Stovepipe Liability & Blame Setting Starts

So the AF Enterprise has given up the ghost of an ERP solution in favor of improving its legacy platforms to pass CFO audits and create a viable financial statement. Thus the stovepipe mentality wins again. Each functional area is working hard to make up for years of keeping their data systems on life support […]

LPTA Presenting Risks to Government Performance & Results – Are There Other Options to Reduce Cost at Lower Risk?

Because they appear to be cheaper, low price, technically acceptable procurements are on the rise, but I have been making an argument that these kinds of contracts pose a danger to the government over the long haul. I have also contended that results matter and cost matters but price is not a reflection of results. […]

Is AF Understanding BPM – ERP Update

Updates to: PEO Strategy , BPM for ERP and ECSS Cost Estimate After fielding ERP pilots under ECSS that had huge manuals to explain process, it appears the passion for ERP technology is ending. AF leadership has again ended the effort for ERP deployment, opting instead for the strategy they offered last time the program […]

Will New Motherboards Make OS Interchangable?

A new technology for initiating a PC, Server, Tablet or other network appliance is entering the game. With something called “Unified Extensible Firmware Interface” (UEFI) a computer or network device can “boot up” in a very sophisticated way without the security problems of a BIOS. In fact this technology can be installed in non-volatile memory […]

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