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Protests Keep Rolling In – Will NETCENTS 2 Product Contract Survive?

Well, as I predicted, the total now stands at 10. That is the number of protests received by the Metcents 2 program office for their just-awarded products contract. Five days have lapsed since award and the protest period went into full swing earlier this week as they received the first protests. As of today it […]

NETCENTS 2 Product Winners Announced – Will This Be IT?

Believe the second time is the charm? The NetCents 2 program is thinking that way. Hoping that the second time around will be the charm, the Air Force late Friday announced the winners of the $6.9 billion Network Centric Solutions (NETCENTS-2) Netcentric Products contract vehicle. The winners of round two are: • Ace Technology Partners […]

Will New Motherboards Make OS Interchangable?

A new technology for initiating a PC, Server, Tablet or other network appliance is entering the game. With something called “Unified Extensible Firmware Interface” (UEFI) a computer or network device can “boot up” in a very sophisticated way without the security problems of a BIOS. In fact this technology can be installed in non-volatile memory […]

DCGS Comes Under Fire

No shots have been fired at DCGS using real munitions, but the Test and Evaluation community is never the less putting DCGS under its cross hairs as I write this post. With the current anti-terror operations so dependent upon special operations magic, pin point drone strikes, and ISR-fueled battle space awareness, the idea that inter-service […]

Zero Day Flaw Discovered in Java 7 – Oracle Fix Issued In Rare Move

The discovery of a zero-day vulnerability in Oracle’s Java 7 has prompted calls for users to turn off Java in their browsers until a patch is issued, something feds and other government managers might want to think about, too. The flaw is being exploited in active, though so far limited, attacks that are originating from […]

New Book Applies TOC to Supply Chain to get LEAN Results

This new book spins the tools of Theory of Constraints into a new mix of approaches for a LEAN Supply Chain. I have worked for many years to apply TOC to the attack on waste under LEAN thinking. This book gives you the approach, explains the tools, and provides tutorial examples for each major element. […]

Microsoft In A Buying Mode For New Tech

Who needs partners when you can just buy the technology you need outright. First it was Skype to get video technology others had to develop, now MS has purchased Yammer to get social technology. This is beginning to look a lot like Larry Ellison and ORACLE who has said “I would rather write a check […]

Just When You Thought It Was Safe, Along Comes Flame

Microsoft Security Advisory (2718704) Unauthorized Digital Certificates Could Allow Spoofing That’s the headline on MS security advisory page. Just scroll down to see the impact, to just about every product in the stable. Some parts of the recently discovered Flame malware spread using forged Microsoft certificates, according to the company, which released an emergency patch […]

BPM a Better Ending for ECSS? I Think SO!

As the AF lays out a plan for the next effort to field an ERP perhaps they need to consider alternatives to the ERP Atomic Weapons that resulted in their first effort impacting the ground. I have presented alternatives in various forum over the last year. You can see the BPM approach at : Appian […]

DOD Deputy Chief Management Officer Will Take On ERPs – At least standard process

Beth McGrath, the DOD’s Deputy Chief Management Officer, has figured out that ERPs failures are pointing to the need for common business processes but has not yet learned that the ERPs are not the cost effective way to get that result. Quoted from an interview with FederalNews Radio, McGrath says: “”We want to ensure as […]

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