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Winning Is Everything – But Was Your Win Proposal All That It Should Be?

Before you celebrate your big win on your last competitive bid, ask yourself “Did I win because my proposal was the best? Or was it because it was the least bad?”. In today’s competative environment, a bad proposal process can produce a product that could lead to buying into a program and regretting that win. […]

The Passing of an Icon

In December I lost a true leader and mentor that I was proud to call Boss. His council and guidance helped me get on a program management path and leave pure engineering back in the 80s. Below is information from the news about his passing. A pilot turned maintenance officer – the first of two […]

WR-ALC/CC Consults with GO/SES Panel

      On March 18th, MGen Robert McMahon sat down with a panel of retired center commanders and executive directors to review the state of the center. I was pleased to be part of the team and to hear of the plans and programs Gen McMahon has launched in his first 120 days as commander. It […]

Moving On – BGen Lee Levy Heads for AMC/A4 Assignment

In a presentation to the Robins Regional Chamber of Commerce Aerospace Industry Committee, AF Brigadier General Lee K. Levy II, Commander 402d Maintenance Wing at Robins AFB, looked forward to his new assignment at HQ Air Mobility Command, but stressed successes at Robins over the last two years. Tempering his presentation with issues that “keep […]

Army Does About Face on IT Progress

In a move I view as an about face on progress, the Army has announced it will continue development of its 5 data center concept by applying $100M in fuel savings from the Navy to build out a new e-mail solution.  This investment will attempt to accomplish what the AF and AFMC accomplished under my […]

White House Plans Restructure/Sets IT Goals

The Federal Acquisition Workforce has been given some new guidelines for the future of IT in the Federal sector. OMB officials are focused on cleaning up existing problems and including significant changes to the CIO roles across government. Federal departmental CIO’s have been told to focus on these key White House goals: –          Design a […]

C-5 Engineer Takes Lead in New ASD

Mr. Russ Alford, the Chief Engineer in the new C-5 Galaxy Division of the ASD has been named as the Director of Engineering for the Aerospace Sustainment Directorate. A step up for Russ, this move replaces Mr. Mike Schlider who moved up to Technical Director at Arnold AFB, TN. Russ says he plans to focus […]

More Than A Name Change

The restructure at WR-ALC which integrated the 542nd Combat Sustainment Wing and the 330th Aircraft Sustainment Wing into the new Aerospace Sustainment Directorate brought much more than just a change of name. The integration results in a near recreation of Material Management (MM) of the 1970’s.  With the exception of item management, which will be […]

No Tax Break for CSRS Employees

Looks like the President and his Republican meeting mates hammered out a compromise to “release the Bush Tax Cuts” that were “holding the middle class hostage”. The compromise plan for extension of the “keep our own money” Bush Tax Breaks included a provision for reducing taxes paid by individuals to SSA, giving us a little […]

ECSS Takes a Dive

Friday’s decision by the SecAF and CSAF to support the AF-A4/7 recommendation to cancel ECSS was a long time coming. The eLog21 flagship initiative to install an AF-wide Logistics ERP to support all aspects of sustainment has, from its inception, been a bridge too far. The sheer number of systems that ECSS was to replace, […]

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