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Where Is The Budget? And Where is the Growth Economy to Fund It?

So things are heating up since sequestration cuts were deployed. Now the focus is on developing a budget for 2013 that will make more sense. We all should know from High School Civics that the new budget was due in September 2012. Bad timing as an election was in progress. So its late… No surprise, […]

Moving The FY13 Fiscal Clif Using CRA??

In my earlier post “Stop Gap Legislation Creates Uncertainty for Defense” I warned that the Senate would make it 0 and 4 on passing a budget by passing a very long CRA that would go past Inauguration Day. Now it seems there is a move afoot to add an amendment to the CRA that would […]

Stop Gap Legislation Creates Uncertenty for Defense

In a trend that has gone on for years in the Senate, U.S. lawmakers are planning to forego appropriations bills for fiscal 2013 in favor of passing a six-month-long stopgap spending measure that would seek to maintain 2012 funding levels though March, Defense News reports. In what feels like an overt election year strategy designed […]

DOD Plans Become More Clear Today

Today Defense Secretary Leon Panetta will outline elements of the Pentagon’s $525 billion fiscal 2013 budget, including a plan to “expand its global network of drones and special-operations bases” even as it cuts back on conventional forces. According to “The Wall Street Journal” reports, the proposed budget will include the first of $487 billion in […]

ISR Takes Front Seat In Obama Defense Plan

Speaking on the Defense Plan that cuts $485B, President Obama clearly defined an expanding role for ISR assets as part of a flexibility and lean joint force strategy. Here are his words: “As we look beyond the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan … we’ll be able to ensure our security with smaller conventional ground forces.” […]

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