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“Aquisition Incident Review Team” for ECSS Failue Issues Executive Summary

The team assembled to review the cancellation of ECSS has finally made public its executive summary. When reviewed by the SASC the program was described as “one of the most egregious examples of mismanagement in recent history”. But the answers to the SASC Chair and Senior Minority member have yet to be made public. Little […]

ECSS Makes NBC Nightly News!

I wish I could feel good about this report from NBC News. However I am embarrassed for my Air Force. With resources so tight I find this very hard to watch. But since 2002 in both IT and Logistics positions of significance, I have preached that ECSS was after too much in one bite. This […]

AF ERP – Failure Brings Out Stovepipe Liability & Blame Setting Starts

So the AF Enterprise has given up the ghost of an ERP solution in favor of improving its legacy platforms to pass CFO audits and create a viable financial statement. Thus the stovepipe mentality wins again. Each functional area is working hard to make up for years of keeping their data systems on life support […]

Update – AF Times Story on ECSS Cancellation

Looks like the AF Times got the scoop again (NOT!) that ECSS was canceled. Think they got the clue from the final cancellation of the CSC contract and their move to let go the last of the personnel (115 this round) that were supporting the prototypes. Over the last few months AF supply managers have […]

Is AF Understanding BPM – ERP Update

Updates to: PEO Strategy , BPM for ERP and ECSS Cost Estimate After fielding ERP pilots under ECSS that had huge manuals to explain process, it appears the passion for ERP technology is ending. AF leadership has again ended the effort for ERP deployment, opting instead for the strategy they offered last time the program […]

Maj Gen Olson Interview No Surprise on ERP Merger – But Will It Work?

In what may be his last interview as the PEO for AF ERP work before moving on to PEO C2ISR, Maj Gen Craig Olson outlined the plan to integrate the acquisitions to gain efficiency and improve results. Not a difficult task given the total lack of results so far. The interview link below provides the […]

BPM a Better Ending for ECSS? I Think SO!

As the AF lays out a plan for the next effort to field an ERP perhaps they need to consider alternatives to the ERP Atomic Weapons that resulted in their first effort impacting the ground. I have presented alternatives in various forum over the last year. You can see the BPM approach at : Appian […]

AF ERP cost $1B and does very little – like other ERP’s Plus GSA Cans Oracle

The AF has finally “come out” about its ECSS ERP to the congress. As reported by Federal News Radio today, AF Comptroller, Dr. Jamie Morin, let Congress in on the dirty little secret, ERP isn’t working! The article relates many examples from Logistics to Personnel where ERP programs have busted budgets and produced little. Check […]

The End of an ERP Era – 10 years in the failing

If you are a tracker of ERP failures, take a look at the $986.5M no-go project by the USAF. The project scheduled to complete in 2013 at contract award had slipped to 2016 and the cost had grown from $600M range to the $1B range of a total program planned at “just” $1.5B total for […]

AF Leaders Testify to SASC that ECSS will do Cost Estimate

Having not yet gotten to the required program briefing when you miss Milestone B and have been trying for over 5 years, the AF included their ECSS plans in the materials on the budget provided to the SASC. Here is a quote on ECSS that tells a lot in a few words: “The Air Force […]

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